Century Cut

98 Strokes of Brilliance

Kirk Root never settled for the standard, which is why he developed the Century Cut™. A typical diamond is made up of 56 cuts. The Century Cut™ uses 98, increasing performance by 20%.

This is the future, and it’s much much brighter.

A Rare Vision

Kirk Root was half visionary, half revolutionary. He trained in the craft of jewelry making in Paris (Texas), then became a master gemologist appraiser at the ripe age of 22. At the time, he was the youngest ever. Today, there are less than 50 around the world.

Kirk spent the entirety of his career in Austin, Texas, constantly honing his craft and developing the Century Cut, Lone Star Blue Topaz, and his wildflower collection. Though his life was cut short by cancer, his vision is alive in each design we produce.

“We’re in the jewelry business because it’s our passion. Everybody is good at one thing and some people are really good. I want to be really good at one thing, jewelry.”


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