Unlock your diamond’s hidden potential

We are able to recut YOUR stone, while retaining up to 99% of weight


While most would consider a traditional round brilliant cut diamond sufficiently brilliant, we were still not satisfied. We set out to maximize brilliance beyond the 70 year old standard. Realizing light still leaks from some areas of even the best cut diamonds, we strategically added facets to counter those areas and prevent light from leaking out. The final result was Century cut with 98 facets compared to the traditional 58, and extraordinary gains in light return. And it’s only available at Kirk Root Designs in Austin, Texas.






SHALLOWLight passes right through without being reflected.




TRADITIONALLight is reflected off the facets and returned through the top to the viewer.



Century Cut®

In addition to maintaining the right proportions to maximize light return, our Century cut® utilizes 98 perfectly positioned facets to evenly distribute the light that returns to the viewer.