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Tori & Taz

TORI & TAZ only uses the finest materials and manufacturing techniques to produce their jewellery. All their jewelry is made from sterling silver (925), gold and all natural gemstones. None of their product contains low-grade metals or any stone simulates such as Cubic Zirconia, glass or crystal.

TORI & TAZ believes in providing a beautiful piece of jewellery that not only holds its material value, but one that is quality crafted in a sentiment that can be handed down from generation to generation.



Lyra is the smallest constellation in the night sky, but one that dazzles brilliantly. Although this range is far daintier than the rest, they impress with their simplicity and delicacy, while still making a statement. These jewellery pieces range in design from timeless to trendy and incorporate a mix of all-metal and gemstone features.




Named after the Greek primordial deity, Gaia (Mother Earth), this range celebrates raw feminine beauty through its incorporation of natural semi-precious gemstones set in gleaming sterling silver, gold vermeil and rose-gold vermeil. Nature’s bold, beautiful and colourful elements are transformed into gorgeous jewellery pieces with designs that are striking, yet elegant and timeless.


Whether you want to commemorate the month of your own birth, or honour the most important people in your life with a thoughtful gift, you will find special meaning here with our classic birthstone collection. Natural gemstones are delicately set into rhodium-plated sterling silver in timeless designs that can be worn every day. This jewellery collection is understated, yet beautiful and is a great way to express something that is uniquely you. What is your birthstone?


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